As summer approaches, school sanctioned sports may be drawing to an end, but many times overall activity ramps up in the summer months. From swimming to water sports to things like hiking, summer baseball and softball, and running, the longer and warmer days lend themselves to spending time being active and enjoying moving your body. However, with an increase in activity can come increased soreness and overall slower recovery. If you find yourself a little stiff or sore after an increase in your activity, Luminous You offers sports massages in Lubbock, Texas, to help get you back to working out and enjoying the summer months.


You do not have to be an elite athlete to enjoy a sports massage. Luminous You Massage offers our services to everyone from weekend joggers to weight lifters to your club athlete who has a tournament this weekend! Adding a sports massage in Lubbock to your workout regimen helps to increase the speed at which you are able to recover, which makes it the perfect addition to your post-workout! Sports massages have the overall goal of preparing athletes for optimal performance or help in recovery from a big game. In a sports massage, friction, deep compression, and trigger point therapy is combined with ice packs and heat to relieve focused areas of muscle stiffness, tension, and pain. This massage helps increase muscle flexibility, range of motion, and relieves muscle tension. Your muscles can be overworked and overtired when you start a new workout routine, increase your regular activity, or are training hard for a specific goal like a baseball tournament or a marathon. Luminous You is here to help!


If you are in need of a sports massage in Lubbock, please get in touch with Luminous You Massage today to book your appointment. We will have you feeling ready to take on whatever is ahead in no time at all!