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Luminous You Massage Services

Swedish Relaxation Massage

The most well-known massage that incorporates kneading, friction, and gliding strokes. This promotes deep relaxation. Learn More >

Hot Rock Massage

Hot rock massage therapy uses hot stones to help loosen stiff muscles and releases muscle tension. Learn More >

Ayurvedic Massage

A full body, warmed oil massage therapy that originated in India. Promotes well-being and rejuvenation. Learn More >

Deep Tissue Massage

With slow, long, gliding strokes, deep tissue massage focus on the deeper part of the muscle and works to help chronic muscle tension. Learn More >

Ashiatsu Massage

Back-walking massage isn’t only for the movies. The Ashiatsu massage is a more intense version of a deep tissue massage and is perfect for areas that need deeper work. Learn More >

Traditional Thai Massage

Before your massage session, you will be given traditional Thai massage garb to wear. The massage is conducted on a Thai massage mat and uses stretching and compression movements to promote circulation. Learn More >

Sports Massage

Athletes of any kind, no matter how active, should consider a sports massage. Heat and ice packs, deep compression and more. Learn More >

Lomi Lomi Massage

This Hawaiian-infused massage uses long, continuous, flowing strokes with a loving touch. Learn More >

Aromatherapy Massage

What we smell affects our mind and body. With your choice of essential oil, we focus this massage around aromatherapy to promote total relaxation. Learn More >

Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy can come with a lot of aches and pains which makes it difficult to relax. Learn More >

Trigger Point Massage

Continuous and repetitive movement can irritate your muscle tissue and over time lead to the development of trigger points. Learn More >

Oncology Massage

For some relief during a time of incredible stress. Oncology massage therapy is for clients who have been diagnosed with a form a cancer. Learn More >

Couple’s Massage

Intimacy, relaxation, and peace – a couple’s massage is all these things and more! It is a wonderful way to spend time with your loved one. Learn More >


Reflexology involves using pressure points in the hands, feet, face, and ears to help relieve pain, tension, and discomfort in other coordinated places in the body. Learn more >

Free Add-on Services for Your Session

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Hot Rocks

After your relaxing massage, we use the hot rocks on the muscles that have been worked. If you enjoy the heat, this is a very relaxing addition. We incorporate the hot rocks into your massage without you having to choose between hot rocks or your massage therapist massaging you with their hands.

Sinus Treatment Massage

With all the wind in West Texas, this sinus massage is a must! A hot peppermint or eucalyptus towel is applied to the face, we then massage the sinus points on the face and down into the scalp. If you have a preference on either peppermint or eucalyptus, let us know at the time you book your appointment.

Carpal Tunnel Massage

Having carpal tunnel pain? With this addition, we incorporate ice packs and BioFreeze as we massage the forearms and hands deeply. This will do wonders to loosen up the muscles that are pinching the nerve.

Bamboo Roll

Using a large moon bamboo pole, we roll your legs for deeper pressure. This is good for clients who may be athletic.


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Sunday 9am – 6pm
Monday – Thursday 9am – 9pm
Friday 9am – 4pm
Saturday Closed
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