Traditional Thai Massage in Lubbock

Also known as the yoga massage, the traditional Thai combination uses a series of stretching and compression movements to revitalize the entire body.

For this massage, you will be given a traditional Thai outfit to wear. It is conducted on a Thai mat and is not only relaxing, but also helps significantly with flexibility. If you have shoulder and lower back pain or foot aches, this massage is perfect for you. This massage also improves circulation throughout the body and helps alleviate energy line blockage.

The traditional Thai massage is known to be used for holistic healing and is widely influenced by ancient India Ayurvedic traditions of medical practice.

Good for: energy improvement, flexibility, well-being, foot aches, shoulders, lower back pain

Please call ahead and let us know if you would like to book a Thai massage as it takes time to prepare.

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Cupping Now Available

Add cupping to your table massage for only $1/minute. Cupping can help with inflammation, blood flow, relaxation, and well-being. Cupping therapy uses cups that create a suction on your skin. These cups are left in place for a few minutes and sometimes moved around throughout the session.


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