After your massage injoy a hot shower before you go back to work. We have an indoor shower and a outdoor to meet your preference. If you purchase a body scrub the use of the shower is included.

Aquatic Training Vessel

At Luminous You Massage in Lubbock, Texas, you are now able to enjoy an experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and healthy with our new swim spa. Not only can you enjoy a soak that will help loosen your muscles and aid in recovery, but our new Aquatic Training Vessel also allows you to train. In the ATV, you can run without the harsh impact on your joints, swim like you would in a pool, and row, all while receiving benefits for your cardiac function and your joints. The ATV is essentially an endless lap pool. Whether you are looking to enjoy a nice pre- or post-workout soak, a cardiac workout, or need a safer place to get in your workouts so that you can exercise without injuring your joints, the Aquatic Training Vessel is the perfect option for you.


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