Five Star Rating. As a medical physician, I rate Luminous You Massage and Rebekkah – 5 Stars. The short version of this review comes from a busy physician with a history of back pain that started years ago after flipping a 3-wheeler in the Mexico Sand Dunes. I have had massage treatments all over the world, on various cruse ships and in the best resort hotels around. When I move to Lubbock and could no longer see my massage therapist in Arizona I became worried my back may always be a bother. I came across an ad from a therapist who caught my eye. She had trained in other countries similar to my therapist in AZ. After a couple of massages, I could tell she was interested in making me well and more functional for the weeks ahead. Rebekkah is a private entrepreneur… WHY IS THAT IMPORTANT?? Because she’s able to tailor a treatment plan that works. It might be an old fashion Swedish today and hour of Thai followed by hot stones next week. Got a raging head cold and a nagging cough? How about a peppermint aroma therapy head & neck massage to send the Mucus family packing. She travels all around the globe to receive training from leaders in their field of therapeutic arts & massage. Thai, Ashiatsu, Stone, aroma Swedish, Cancer, Pregnancy it doesn’t matter, she will tailor it to your time and needs. Luminous You has clearly stepped up to provide world quality massage therapy in Lubbock. My only reservation about referring her is that she’s gonna fill up!. Do not get caught up in all the pomp and show of the other places that look expensive (and are) but cannot deliver what you came for.
Dr. Richard D.

Taking care of my Aunt is just one of the many examples that demonstrate Rebekkah’s empathy and compassion for those critically ill. Her years of experience and knowledge were the keys to my Aunt’s endurance. I feel these attributes demonstrate someone with an exceptional character. Training others in your field to give exceptional care to those who are ill will be very rewarding and bring comfort to their families.
M. Woodard

I was in the Lubbock for work and was in need of a serious massage, as I travel 90% for work AND I’m a long distance runner.  This was by far the absolute BEST deep tissue massage I have EVER had, and I have had many (roughly twice a month).  Rebecca was meticulous in her art of deeply working out ever knot with precise technique and manipulation for the entire 90 minutes. I have gone to places where I paid for 50/90 min massages, and the therapist always cuts off 5-10 mins of the session.  This was NOT the case at Luminous You, I received the entire 90 min deep tissue massage, and that was very much appreciated.  I was even a few minutes late, and Rebecca was understanding and did not take away from my massage experience.  The staff was extremely professional, from the person I spoke with in scheduling my appointment on short notice, to Rebecca (massage therapist).  My only disappointment is the fact that Luminous You is NOT in Houston.  I will definitely be back on my next trip to Lubbock!
M A.

It was a fabulous place! It was my first massage and they were so nice and helpful! Get Becky if you can!
Kat A.

This is truly a unique place for a professional massage. The owner has traveled the world and was trained on many types of massage. Swedish, deep tissue, Thai, ashiatsu and more. The location is quiet. It is by appointment only. Try a massage plus an add-on like hot stones or sinus treatment. I know several people who go there for specific treatments or to relax. They have couple’s massage as well as massage for men and women.
John M.

Y’all. No joke. Amazing.

I’ve lived in lubbock for 5 years, and I’ve really struggled finding a place to get massages. Wood house is nice, but ya girl can’t afford to go there as much as she’d like. Plus sometimes it’s a lil too prissy and I actually need work done on my back and not just a fluff robe and a mimosa. I’ve been to about 6 different places in town, local and chains, and this place is THE BEST. They actually do deep tissue when you ask for a deep tissue massage. It’s crazy. It’s amazing.

Super easy to get an appointment, flexible hours, and it’s a really nice clean place. The building as a whole is nice, and the inside is super calming and welcoming. I was 100% comfortable the whole time, which is important when you’re getting nekid and trying to relax.

I’ve finally found a place in town where I am excited to become a regular. Seriously, my husband said I was glowing when I got home and that I’ve never looked so relaxed in my life. I love this place, and I would recommend it to everyone.

And if deep tissue isn’t your thing- don’t worry. They have a ton of options for massage therapy. Super flexible so if you think you’re hardcore and say deep tissue but then you change your mind because you’re more of a wimp than you realized ( that’s me), they’re so accommodating and don’t mind easing up the pressure till it’s perfect for you!!! Seriously the most accommodating place. I felt so cared for and valued, my massage therapist really worked hard on the areas I asked her to and applied the pressure I asked her to.

They do a free service with every massage- check out the sinus relief one!!!! These lubbock summers kill me. The peppermint oil helps a ton and it was a super gentle yet effective treat!!! I’ll be trying out the hot stones next time.

Treat yo self and book an appointment today! It’s wonderful and you’ll be so happy.

Sarah W.

Free Add-on Services for Your Session

Ask your therapist to learn more

Hot Rocks

After your relaxing massage, we use the hot rocks on the muscles that have been worked. If you enjoy the heat, this is a very relaxing addition. We incorporate the hot rocks into your massage without you having to choose between hot rocks or your massage therapist massaging you with their hands.

Sinus Treatment Massage

With all the wind in West Texas, this sinus massage is a must! A hot peppermint or eucalyptus towel is applied to the face, we then massage the sinus points on the face and down into the scalp. If you have a preference on either peppermint or eucalyptus, let us know at the time you book your appointment.

Carpal Tunnel Massage

Having carpal tunnel pain? With this addition, we incorporate ice packs and BioFreeze as we massage the forearms and hands deeply. This will do wonders to loosen up the muscles that are pinching the nerve.

Bamboo Roll

Using a large moon bamboo pole, we roll your legs for deeper pressure. This is good for clients who may be athletic.


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