Medical massage is a prescribed therapy that is intended to help treat and relieve conditions that have been diagnosed by a physician. From elderly or sick care in nursing home facilities to help treat pain and symptoms of aging to medical outcall massage therapy for those who are ill (acutely or chronically), medical massage therapy is an important part of helping people heal. Luminous You Massage offers medical massage therapy in Lubbock, Texas. We work with your doctors to help treat your pain, sickness, and symptoms.

Medical massage therapy requires a prescription from a medical doctor; in order to treat a specific condition, your doctor will write a prescription for you to see a medical massage therapist or for one to come to you (medical outcall massage therapy.) Medical massage therapy is especially important in places like nursing home facilities, where there are many patients who may be in pain or experiencing illnesses. When massage therapists coordinate with those in charge of your care and your doctors to plan for your treatment, medical massage therapy can help to reduce pain, improve your overall health, and aid in reducing anxiety and stress. Additionally, medical outcall massage therapy can help to reduce inflammation, aid in digestion, improve range of motion, calm the nervous system, and reduce chronic pain conditions.

Luminous You Massage in Lubbock, Texas, offers medical massage therapy. We work with your care providers to find the best way to treat your needs. To learn more about the benefits of medical massage at Luminous You Massage, please contact us today!