It seems evident that getting a massage has a positive impact on your mental or maybe even emotional health. If you go in with knots in your neck that make it hard to relax and your discomfort is relieved with a massage or when you are able to take a bit of time to yourself, you are bound to feel better after your massage! Of course, feeling better physically helps as well. Did you know that regular massage can help to improve your immune system as well? With COVID-19 cases surging and the holidays just around the corner, it is more important than ever for you to take care of yourself and improve your immune system. Science shows that this can be as enjoyable and relaxing as a massage! Luminous You Massage offers massages that can help to improve your immunity.


People who experience high levels of stress are proven to get sick more than those who do not. Massage has the unique ability to not only assist with lowering stress levels but also physically improving circulation, which boosts your immunity. Massage allows blood to reach important areas of your body such as your lymphatic system and improve circulation, which assists in carrying away toxins from your body and helping you to expel them. Additionally, regular massage can increase your body’s ability to produce cells that fight off sickness and decrease the number of T-cells in your body. The movement used in massages increases your circulation and tells your body to process metabolic waste more efficiently and quickly. In the case of lymphatic massage, your body is able to recover from illness or injury quicker and your likelihood of getting ill is decreased. The lymphatic system plays a big role in your immunity.


To book your massage just in time for the holidays, contact Luminous You Massage today. We are ready to help improve your immune system!