As we age, we know that things in our bodies change. Where we used to be able to spring out of bed or put our bodies through more, we have new aches and pains. We often struggle to do the things we once did with ease, from working out to playing with our kids or grandkids or participating in games of soccer or basketball. As we get older, we are suddenly out of commission after we sleep in a slightly different position! Though you may feel a little nostalgic for those younger years as you age, it is important to care for your body every passing year.


Your health needs change as you age, and the same is also true for massage therapy and elderly care. Due to conditions that are often age-related such as easier bruising, weakened muscles, increased inflammation in your joints, and increased pain, geriatric massage involves gentler hand motions, gentle massage of the feet and hands, shorter sessions, and only the occasional use of stronger movements.


Elderly massage care offers a variety of benefits. Circulation issues that are often caused by things like heart disease and diabetes can be reduced through elderly massage care because massage can help to increase blood flow to the limbs. Geriatric massage can also help to increase mobility that has been lost to inflammation as well as common conditions such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Additionally, mental health is improved due to increased stress relief and relaxation, decreased headache pains, improved sleep quality, and accelerated healing due to the accelerated blood flow.

Luminous You Massage in Lubbock, Texas, offers elderly and geriatric massage care. To learn more about our elderly care or to experience its benefits firsthand for yourself, contact us today! We are happy to help you start living your best life with reduced pain and increased quality of life.