If you have watched any number of professional sports, you have likely seen athletes with circular, dark marks on their skin. They have been treated with cupping therapy to help problematic areas where they are experiencing pain due to use or soreness. Did you know that cupping therapy is not just for professional athletes? At Luminous You Massage, we offer cupping therapy in Lubbock that can help treat problematic areas in your body!

Luminous You offers both traditional Chinese stationary cups as well as an ACE massage cupping body treatment by a certified ACE massage cupping practitioner. In traditional Chinese stationary cupping therapy, cups are placed over a troubled area for 5-15 minutes during your session helping with trigger point release. This will usually result in a mark often referred to as a “cup kiss.” A cup kiss is not a bruise and will usually go away the same day or a day or two later. In ACE cupping massage therapy, a certified ACE massage therapist applies liniments and analgesics and then glides the cups over the part of the body being treated. This can even be used on the face for facial rejuvenation! The cup suction level can be light or heavy depending on what the client is needing. The main difference between traditional Chinese cupping therapy and ACE cupping therapy is that Chinese cupping therapy uses stationary cups to focus on certain areas of the body to disperse internal heat or to move stagnant blood and chi based on your diagnosis, while ACE Massage Cupping therapies is a more useful tool for healthcare practitioners.

If you have been curious about how cupping therapy might help you, get in touch with us today! We are here to help make you feel better so you can live your best life.