There are several legends about how Valentine’s Day began to be celebrated each February 14th around the globe. One of the most widely recognized is the story of St. Valentine. This legend contends that Valentine was a Roman priest in the third century. The Emperor, Claudius II, believed that single men made better soldiers than married men with wives and children and therefore outlawed marriage. Valentine continued to marry young lovers in secret to protest the injustice of the law. When Claudius II found out, he was put to death. Because of Valentine’s sacrifice, many say we are now able to celebrate love today and put aside a whole day to do so!


There are very few people who can say that the past year has been anything but stressful. Between the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, lockdown, suddenly homeschooling children, working from home (perhaps with your partner or spouse), an election season, and natural disasters sprinkled in, everyone could use a little bit of stress relief and relaxation at the front end of 2021! If you are looking for a quiet, peaceful way to decompress or a Valentine’s Day gift or date that will actually be used, consider coming to Luminous You Massage for a couples massage. With dim lighting, aromatherapy, quiet, and a massage to help work out those stress knots and trigger points in your body, a couples massage is something you can both enjoy.


A couples massage is perfect for a romantic date night, quiet night of destressing, and more! At Luminous You, you can customize your experience as much as you would like. Whether you and your friend have been needing a little time away from the world, you and your family member have finally decided to do something for yourself, or you are coming in with your significant other for Valentine’s Day, we can put you in the same room or separate rooms, add on services, and more depending on your individual preferences. Call us today to learn more about couples massage services at Luminous You Massage in Lubbock!