Everyone who has ever been in school, had a child in school, or been a teacher knows how stressful the end of August can be! With school starting back up, families are suddenly on the go again, teachers are back on their feet for most of the day, sports and other extracurricular activities resume, and the general busy feeling of the fall returns. In addition to the general stress that the school year can bring with tests, lots of activities, changing weather, and more, immune systems also typically need a boost as you resume your school year activities! After a summer that is generally spent away from the germs and sicknesses that are prevalent when school is in session, your immune system as well as your children’s might be lower than normal. If you find yourself in need of a deep tissue massage, Luminous You Massage is ready to help you!


There are many benefits to a deep tissue massage. Not only does the deep, firm pressure work to release chronic tension that can be built up due to stress, overwork, lack of movement, and more, but it also helps to build your immune system. Deep tissue massage has also been shown to offer benefits to your mental health by helping you destress and relax and your physical health by helping you do the same! The improved circulation that a deep tissue massage brings on aids your immune system in fighting off illness and keeping you strong and healthy even when others are sick around you. A deep tissue massage focuses on the deepest parts of the muscles and connective tissue around your neck, back, legs, and shoulders. It is perfect for those who have trouble spots, stiff necks, lower back pain, muscle tightness, sore bodies, leg cramps, and lots of stress. In other words, it is perfect for helping you manage that back-to-school fatigue and stress you might feel!


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