Whether you are going out for a date night, celebrating an anniversary, or you are both feeling sore, a couple’s massage therapy treatment can be both a relaxing and romantic experience. A Couple’s massage can be done in the same room or separate rooms, depending on the client’s preferences. If the couple chooses to be in the same room then two massage tables are placed side by side for the therapy session. One Massage Therapist will work on one person while the other Massage Therapist works on the other. Choosing the Massage Modality Treatment that you and your partner would like for your Couple’s Massage is just part of the intimate experience and can help you feel connected as you discuss each other’s needs while spending time together.

With Luminous You a couple can choose between wide variety of massage modalities to suit their needs along with a choice of a free add on service. Feeling stuffy? Try our Sinus Treatment with peppermint towels as a free add on service…Our diverse massage menu offers massage modalities that can make you feel like you are getting a massage in Hawaii, India or Asia. We also offer a hot towel wipe down before leaving our facility which will leave you feeling clean and refreshed. Due to the size of our space for Couple’s Massage, the pair would have the facility to themselves which can make that special time even more personal. Just walk in, feel welcome and get ready to relax….